Chapter 8. Docking simulation
Chapter 8. Virtual drug screening
Fig 2.5.1 (1myf)
Fig 2.8a
Fig 2.13a
Fig 3.6b (1ssu)
Fig 5.1 (2eck, 4ake)
Fig 5.3.5 (1gpw, 4hhb)
Fig 5.3.6a (1gpw, 4hhb)
Fig 5.3.6b (1gpw, 4hhb)
Fig 5.11a (1luk,1lun)
Fig 5.11b (1luk,1lun)
Fig 6.1b (2fft)
Fig 7.41a (1gzm, 3cap)
Fig 7.41c (1gzm, 3cap)
Fig 7.41d-II (1gzm, 3cap)
Fig 8.21a
Fig 9.3a
Fig 9.3b
Fig 9.3c
Fig 9.3d
Fig 9.3e
Fig 9.3f
Fig 9.3f_fix
Fig 9.7a
Fig 9.7b1
Fig 9.7b2
Fig 9.7d
Fig 9.8b
Fig 9.11c
Fig 9.12c
Fig 9.15b
Fig 9.15c1
Fig 9.15c2
Fig 9.17b
Fig 9.25a
Fig 9.25c
Fig 9.26c-II
Fig 9.27a
Fig 9.27cII
Fig 9.28
Fig 9.30b
Fig 9.32c
fig 9.37e
Fig 9.40
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